1. PCL Tutorial

    This tutorial will show you how to

    • load a scene
    • activate the sensor simulation
    • configure your simulation
    • export scans to a file
    • move the scanner through the environment

    First steps

    We assume that you have downloaded and unzipped BlenSor and that you have installed any libraries that may be necessary …

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  2. Installation Instructions

    Binary installation

    This instruction assumes that you are running an Ubuntu 10.10 (or higher) installation. It might work on other distributions as well but this is not guaranteed.

    • Install required libraries
      sudo apt-get install libopenjpeg2 libjpeg62 libpng12-0 libjemalloc1 libboost-filesystem1.62.0 libboost-thread1.62.0 libboost-regex.62.0
    • Download Blensor …
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  3. Quickstart Guide

    Doing your first sensor simulation in 60 seconds

    Step 1: Start blensor

    You need to follow the installation instructions to get ready. If you start blensor you will see the following view.

    Step 2: Add some objects to your world

    You can add primitives by pressing Shift+a and selecting …

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