Intersection Scan - Velodyne

This scan is based on a model from Googles 3D Warehouse. Direct link to original Model

  • The scanner is a Velodyne HDL-64E S2 with a rotation speed of 20Hz
  • The simulation interval is 41.66 milliseconds (or 24 fps) thus one scanner rotation takes longer than a single simulation interval leading to single scans that do not cover the whole 360 degrees.

  • This is intended and can be made coarser (full rotation per simulation interval) or finer (even less degrees covered by one simulation interval) by increasing/decreasing the FPS in the render panel and adjusting the movement of the scanner in the scene to be faster/solwer.
  • The final_xxxxxxx files are all scans combined into a single pointcloud. The final_xxxxx_filtered.pcd is the full pointcloud filtered with a VoxelGrid filter with leaf-size 0.05


Note:In this scene only the scanner moves, the cars remain static. A scene with movement will be uploaded at a later point

Uni Salzburg