Binary releases use a heavily stripped down Blender to provide maximum compatibility. If you require features that are disabled in the binary release please check out the sourcecode from github and build it exactly as you would build a normal blender version.

Third party releases

Old and unsupported versions (will likely not work anymore)

Blensor crashing at startup?

If Blensor crashes at startup it is an incompatibility in the startup file. This issue is already fixed in trunk but still apllies for the binary releases prior to 1.17. To fix it just download the original Blender (it must be Version 2.72) and save a default startup file (File -> Save Startup File or alternativey Ctrl+U)

GIT Repository

The official blensor repository can be found here

git clone

If you are going to build blensor yourself please follow the instructions on how to build Blender and make sure to disable Cycles in your build. You also need the python numpy library in order for Blensor to work.


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