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  1. Simulation of a pedestrian with bicycle

    Simulation result

    ATTENTION: This is not the data from the scanner of the UBER car. It is a simple approximation of a scene with a pedestrian and a bicycle at a distance of 15 meters to the scanner.

    Scanned with a virtual Velodyne HDL-64E. The output is the "raw" noisy …

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  2. The road to Blender 2.8

    If you are following the development roadmap of the Blender developers you probably know that they are working on the next big release. Blender is moving from 2.7x to 2.8 which brings along several major changes/improvements. Most notably a physics based renderer called Eevee. This is great …

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  3. BlenSor 1.0.18 RC3 released

    Today we released a new BlenSor binary 1.0.18 RC3. This version has support for numpy export. Scans can be saved in a format readable by numpy.loadtxt.

    The new release can be downloaded here

    An example how to read the scans in python can be found in the …

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