The road to Blender 2.8

If you are following the development roadmap of the Blender developers you probably know that they are working on the next big release. Blender is moving from 2.7x to 2.8 which brings along several major changes/improvements. Most notably a physics based renderer called Eevee. This is great for most regular Blender users, but the thing we are more excited about are collections. Basically this means in the future we can group certain parts of a scene into collections and enable/disable them individually (kind of like layer groups in Gimp and Photoshop).

There are quite some changes to the internals which currently break the compatibility with BlenSor, but after some work we already have a basic version running with Blender 2.8 master branch as of January 31st 2018. So, good news! There are no major obstacles to move along with the new Blender release and all it's new features.

At the moment Blender 2.8 is still in development and we will keep an eye on the process to release a compatible BlenSor version after the official 2.8 release from the Blender developers.

Uni Salzburg