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  1. Export

    PCD export

    To export to a PCD (pointcloud library)file or a range of PCD files follow these steps: - Check the Save to file checkbox in the sensor configuration (in the camera configuration tab) - Whe you press 'Single scan or Scan range just add the extension .pcd to your filename …

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  2. File format

    BlenSor uses a simple binary file format to store scans (either a single scan or a range of scans)

    Every scan within an EVD file consists of one integer (N) and N * 15-tuples which represent the laser echos. The file ends with an integer that has the value -1. Each …

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  3. Pointcloud rendering

    This may not be the most common usage scenario for Blender but if you want to visualize pointcloud data coming for example from a LIDAR scanner or a Kinect or whatever 3D scanning device you are using you are basically out of luck. This is because point clouds have no …

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  4. Import scans into numpy

    Starting with BlenSor 1.0.18 RC3 the scans can be saved in a format readable by numpy.loadtxt. This makes it very easy to process scans via python.

    To save a scan in numpy format select "Save to File" in the scanner menu.

    To select the numpy format use …

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  5. Programmatically scan scenes using python

    This tutorial (code snippet) shows you how to access the scanner directly via python. This allows you to create scans without manually setting the scanner parameters. It may be useful if the scanner information (i.e. the position/rotation) comes from external sources (i.e. files) instead of beeing designed …

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  6. Add sensors to the scene

    This tutorial assumes that you completed one of the introductory tutorials. In this tutorial we will learn how to add additional sensors to the scene which in turn can have different sensor parameters and are even different types of sensors.


    If you have not downloaded the sample scene yet …

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  7. Human Scan - Kinect

    This is a scene with a human standing behind a table scanned by a Kinect camera. If you want to do the scan yourself you can download the .blend file. You need at least blensor 1.0.12 (not yet released as of March 27th) or the latest version from …

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