File format

BlenSor uses a simple binary file format to store scans (either a single scan or a range of scans)

Every scan within an EVD file consists of one integer (N) and N * 15-tuples which represent the laser echos. The file ends with an integer that has the value -1. Each 15-tuple (echo) looks as follows.

  • timestamp (double)
  • yaw (double)
  • pitch (double)
  • distance (double)
  • noisy distance (double)
  • x (double)
  • y (double)
  • z (double)
  • noisy x (double)
  • noisy y (double)
  • noisy z (double)
  • red (double)
  • green (double)
  • blue (double)
  • object id (double)

Save in a different format

Since version 1.0.6 BlenSor supports output of the PCD format (version 0.7) which is used by the pointcloud library. You can save your scans in the PCD format by simply appending a .pcd (note: must be lowercase) to your file name. If you are scanning a range of frames the output will be split to several files, on file for each frame. The filename for a scan of several frames will be filename#####.pcd where ##### corresponds to a five digit number representing the frame number.

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