Blensor 1.16rc1 (Updates and bugfixes)

Currently Blensor 1.16rc1 is only available via github and not as a binary release.

This is a huge release because it completely changes the native blensor code that had until yet to be patched into Blenders render pipeline. This new release modularized this part and has only very little tie ins to the
official blender code making it easier to update to a new blender version.

Changes and fixes:

  • Update to Blender 2.72b
  • Refactored the native Blensor code away from the renderpipeline into a python module ( blensor_intern )
  • Removed the .zbuf() method from the RNAImage.
    This fixes the Cycles compatibility and Blensor can now be compiled with Cycles enabeld acheter levitra.
  • The zbuffer is now accessible through
    blensor_intern.copy_zbuf( Image )
  • Fixed PCD output of the TOF sensor. The output is now an ordered scan, with NaN values for rays without a response.
  • Added support for FOV and focal length to the TOF sensor.

With those changes Blensor can now be compiled with the same CMake configuration as you would compile a regular Blender release. So no more compromise between the Blensor features and Blender features is necessary.

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