Blensor 1.0.15rc2 for Windows (finally!)

Finally I got my windows build machine setup again!
Today I finished the release of Blensor 1.0.15rc2 for Windows. It can be downloaded here

This version brings the improved Kinect simulation to Windows and also the Velodyne HDL-32e and the generic LIDAR.

How to use the generic LIDAR:

It is not that different from the Velodyne scanner with the exception that the number and angles of the Lasers can be configured.

If you want to simulate a Lidar that rotates the full 360 degrees and has 4 Lasers with vertical angles of -1.5 -0.5 0.5 1.5 you simply add them as a list of comma separated values in the "Laser angles" box of the "Generic LIDAR" and set the "Start angle" to zero and the "End angle" to 360.