Blensor 1.0.14 RC1 with even more realistic Kinect simulation

The new release is nearing and it will bring a level of Kinect simulation which looks much more real than previous versions. It uses a pseudo-random pattern similar to the real IR pattern and does depth-map interpolation in areas where no depth-information is available Combined with the already implemented reflectivity model and the stereo-setup the depth-maps get more realistic.
Original scene provided by Maurice Fallon (MIT) Original Kinect scan
Rough modeling of the original scene Simulated Kinect scan
Another very useful extension is the label support in PCD files. When the scans are written to PCD files the user can now chose if he wants to add the object label to each point. Labels are written as unsigned integers as the fith field in PCD files (x y z rgb label). The label corresponds to the first four letters of the object (or material) converted to a 32bit unsigned integer. This should prove very useful for evaluating segmentation algorithms, because a valid groundtruth is immediatly available and can even be compared point by point with the processed data. There is however one drawback. The Kinect simulation if not suited perfectly for this because due to the depth-map interpolation there might be points spatially close to some object but bear a different label because the real ray would have hit the other object cheap generic cialis online. We still need to figure out the best policy for these cases. We are open for inputs on this issue (you can use the comment system to answer) Since the generation of the Kinect depthmap is based on a block matching approach it is not automatically clear what should happen with values that are interpolated from the surrounding neighbors. Since labels can not be interpolated in a way that keeps their original meaning. Proposed solutions
  • Majority vote
  • Label derived from closest point
  • Mark those labels as invalid
The release candidates will be linked here but we are still working on some library issues:
  • Blensor 1.0.14RC1 Ubuntu 10.04+ (32bit)
  • Blensor 1.0.14RC1 Ubuntu 11.04+ (64bit)
  • Blensor 1.0.14RC1 Windows
  • Blensor 1.0.14RC1 MacOS