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Workshop on Realistic, Rapid and Repeatable Robot Simulation R4SIM 2015

We will be at the Workshop on Realistic, Rapid and Repeatable Robot Simulation R4SIM 2015 on July 16th 2015 in London.

This workshop is organised around three themes that make up robotic simulation – Environmental and Sensor Noise Models, Vehicle Dynamics and Control Models, and Architectures, Systems and Experiences. The overarching objective of the workshop is thus to:

Fixed crash on startup issue

Today we've uploaded a new Blensor version 1.0.17 which fixes the issue when Blensor immediately crashed on startup.

The problem was an error in the startup file. A workaround for older Blensor versions is to use an official Blender version to save a working startup file ( File -> Save Startup File or Ctrl-U ).

The workaround requires the same version of Blender that the Blensor version is based on.

Blensor 1.16rc1 (Updates and bugfixes)

Currently Blensor 1.16rc1 is only available via github and not as a binary release.

This is a huge release because it completely changes the native blensor code that had until yet to be patched into Blenders render pipeline. This new release modularized this part and has only very little tie ins to the
official blender code making it easier to update to a new blender version.

Changes and fixes:

Blensor 1.0.15rc2 for Windows (finally!)

Finally I got my windows build machine setup again!
Today I finished the release of Blensor 1.0.15rc2 for Windows. It can be downloaded here

This version brings the improved Kinect simulation to Windows and also the Velodyne HDL-32e and the generic LIDAR.

How to use the generic LIDAR:

It is not that different from the Velodyne scanner with the exception that the number and angles of the Lasers can be configured.

Blensor 1.0.15 RC1 released

For those who have been waiting for a binary release that includes support for the Velodyne HDL-32. The 1.0.15 RC1 release is based on Blender 2.65. Changes and new features:
  • Fixed PGM export in the Kinect scanner. NOTE: the other scanners don't support PGM export.
  • Kinect data is now saved as an ordered map of points. Invalid points have x,y,z = NaN,NaN,NaN but may have a color and a label

Updated Blensor to Blender 2.64

The recently released Blender 2.64 ( ) has been merged into BlenSor. As usual you can check out the latest BlenSor version from our github repository.

If you find any problems it would be great if you could use the ticketing system from github to keep the bugreports and the development in one place.


Velodyne HDL-32E support

We added preliminary support for the HDL-32E.

It is currently only supported in the development version. Please check out our github repository if you need it.

We are also still verifying if the simulation is accurate.

Thanks to Velodyne and the FZI Karlsruhe for providing us with real scans.

Blensor 1.0.14 RC1 with even more realistic Kinect simulation

The new release is nearing and it will bring a level of Kinect simulation which looks much more real than previous versions. It uses a pseudo-random pattern similar to the real IR pattern and does depth-map interpolation in areas where no depth-information is available Combined with the already implemented reflectivity model and the stereo-setup the depth-maps get more realistic.
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